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The New York Times Book Review

September 20, 2021

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events & appearances

May 4, 2022
YouTube Interview - carter wilson's 'making it up'
Watch our chat here.

april 20-21, 2022
in-person event - mfa alumni symposium
university of notre dame - (South Bend, IN)

March 1, 2022
podcast - wine, women and words

listen here

November 27, 2021
tv interview - the nite show with dan cashman

View my interview here.

November 16, 2021
Private Event - Book Club
Thank you for attending!

November 4, 2021
In-Person Event - New Writing Series - University of Maine
(Orono, ME) - 4:30PM ET - masks required

Thank you for attending!

October 27, 2021
Virtual Event - Mystery at the Library - 7PM et

View the Recording here

OCtober 14, 2021
Virtual Event - Lincoln PubliC Library
(Lincoln, CA) - 7PM et

Thank you for attending!

October 7, 2021
Virtual Event -
The Bigger Boat Series -Cape Cod Community College
(West Barnstable, MA) - 6:30PM ET
View the recording here.

September 22, 2021
Virtual Event -
Murder By The Book
(Houston, TX) - 8PM et
In conversation with Eliza Jane Brazier.
View the recording here 

September 19, 2021
Virtual Event -
Crime by the Book
(Instagram Live) - 12:30PM ET
View the recording @crimebythebook on insta

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021
(Carrollton, GA) - 7PM ET
In conversation with Caitlin Mullen.
Thank you for attending!

September 16, 2021

Virtual Event - Mystery To Me
(MADISON, WI) - 8PM et
View the recording here

September 14, 2021
In-Person Event -
The Briar Patch
(Bangor, ME) - 6:30PM et
Masks required.  
Thank you for attending!

September 13, 2021
virtual event -
Politics & Prose
(Washington, DC) - 6PM et
In conversation with Sarah Langan.
View the recording here. 

may 15, 2021
Virtual Event -
mad horse theatre company
(South Portland, ME) - virtual artists chit-chat.  
view the recording here.


buzz & news
dark things i adore

cbc radio/cbc books - Elisabeth De Mariaffi Recommends three of her favourite thriller and mystery reads. Read Elisabeth's recommendation here

New York Times - Crime & Mystery: "The Spider web of revenge Lattari slowly spins threatens to dissolve at every conceivable turn, or to transform into melodrama. That it doesn't, not once, is a testament to her careful and sinewy plotting, which reveals in chilling detail who gets to make art, and who gets subsumed in the process." Read the full review here

BOOKREPORTER: "Dark Things I Adore is one of the most interesting psychological thriller tales of revenge I have read in quite some time." Read the full review here

New York Journal of Books: "Filled with characters of questionable morality and multiple timelines, Dark Things I Adore makes for a thrilling read." Read the full review here

Crime by the Book: "Dark Things I Adore is both beautiful and sinister, an elegant story of revenge with very sharp teeth." Read the full review here


apple books: dark things i adore made apple books' "Fall's most anticipated books" and "best books of september" lists. go to the 'books' app on your apple device to view them. 

:"September is bringing 50+ new books you'll want to read asap." dark things i adore made the list! see it here.

mystery scene magazine: "revenge -- and the possibility of redemption -- are parallel themes of dark things i adore, the ambitious, carefully crafted debut thriller by katie lattari." read the full review here

popsugar:"Best new mystery and thriller books of september 2021." dark things i adore made the list! see it here

THE NERD DAILY: "Closing out 2021 with more outstanding thriller book releases." dark things i adore made the list! see it here

"my favorite rage-filled women." read the article in which dark things i adore is highlighted here

Kirkus Reviews: "a dark tale of relationships, ambition, and revenge." Read the full review of dark things i adore HERE

the nerd daily: read an exclusive full chapter excerpt of dark things i adore here

publishers weekly: "a complex, deeply disturbing tale of vengeance." read the full review of dark things i adore here

library journal: "this vengeful tale that pits artistic genius against mental health and happiness will captivate fans of dark suspense." read the full starred review of dark things i adore here.

publishers lunch buzz book: dark things i adore included in the fall/winter 2021 sampler of most anticipated titles. "The hunted becomes the hunter in this ferocious tale of atonement ideal for readers who connected with issues of grooming and trauma raised by novels like My Dark Vanessa, Age of Consent, and Trust Exercise. This carefully plotted thriller flips the narrative and eviscerates the notion that a powerful man may simply apologize for his transgressions." download the free sampler here. Read the Buzz Books description here

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